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NetServ makes IT Cloud and Network infrastructure smart, secure, and cost-effective. Suppose you’re looking for a trusted partner in today’s complex world of IT. In that case, NetServ is ready to support you with an innovative AIOps technology stack and skillful specialists in Cloud, Security, SDN to simplify and secure your IT infrastructure.




Data Center

Trust and Partnership are our top priorities

NetServ LLC is a US-based IT and Cloud solution provider led by technology experts who provide comprehensive professional services to clients. NetServ specializes in IT and Cloud transformation and our services focus on all facets of Multi-Cloud, IT infrastructure, Security, Automation, and Cloud operations. NetServ enables smart, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure for your business needs.  


Customized PoCs

Our Customized PoC engagements for cloud and next-generation software-defined solutions can enable organizations to ensure investment protection, increase business agility, reduce timelines, and overall cost of deployment. We offer customized PoCs to evaluate these new solutions specific to the customer's environment and use cases.

We provide PoC Services engagement for the following solutions:

  • Cloud Security
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Cloud-based VoIP
  • SD-WAN
  • SD-Campus
  • SD-Data Center
  • Network Access Control

IT Security

Security is a vital part of any organization in the world driven by global connectivity. Organizations can no longer depend just on firewalls and antiviruses.

NetServ’s competent Cloud and Network security team provide the following services to secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure:

  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security
  • Security Remediations
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Cloud Assessment and Deployment

The Cloud solutions give you remote access to computing, storage, and networking resources within your data center or through a public cloud service provider like AWS, Azure, and GCP. When it comes to deployment, NetServ delivers Secured, Reliable, Scalable, Workload-Optimized performance across enterprise applications.

We help our customer in their cloud journey with the following solutions:

  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Design
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security 
  • Cloud Operation
  • IoT Solutions
  • Hybrid Connectivity
  • Load Balancing, etc.

Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services can help Netserv clients by simplifying the management of existing and new cloud workloads. 

As a trusted advisor, we become your team of trained and certified professionals who can quickly and effectively eliminate your IT problems and continually introduce you to new solutions aimed at reducing costs, improving your efficiencies, and mitigating your business risks.

Network and Security Deployment

With the increased focus on agility, time to market is a critical aspect of any new technology absorption for many I&O leaders today. We assist customers to deploy next-generation solutions/architectures faster and cost-effectively.

We provide Network Deployment Services for the following solutions:

  • SD-Data Center
  • SD-WAN
  • Network Access Control
  • Access Management

Enterprise Ready AI Chatbots

We build Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning powered, self-learning chatbots that respond to queries or complaints, follow-up or take feedback, and perform defined tasks so that you can create higher-value interactions with your customers or employees within organization.

We will help you identify the use cases and develop suitable chatbots with highly customized features including but not limited to sentiment analysis, multilingual, agent handover, integrated with one or many channels, dashboard, analytic, accessibility, etc. Chatbots can be integrated with ERPs, Help Desk, Websites to carry out routine tasks more efficiently.


Cloud Migration Assistance

The Cloud and SDDC provide benefits of business agility and reduce OpEx. We offer services including customized Cloud assessment, DC (VxLAN based fabric and legacy) Deployments, and Operation.


The SD-WAN provides benefits of business agility, improved application performance and reduce bandwidth cost. We offer services including customized SD-WAN PoC, Deployment and Operation.

Campus Network

The next-generation wired and wireless networks provide benefits of business agility, reduce OpEx and enhanced security. We offer services including customized SD-Access and NAC PoCs, greenfield and brownfield Deployments and Operation.

Cloud-based VoIP

The cloud-based VoIP service is more cost-effective and provides a lot of new features which improve business productivity. We offer VoIP PoCs and greenfield deployment services.


Harness the power of automation to streamline your business processes and optimize the workflow. We provide customized automation solutions including deployment, operation, integration workflows.

Netserv Services Cloud approach

to get you started

Proof of Concept

Help your team's set-up and run sample POC with proposed architecture design and configurations

Build, Scale and Deploy

Help them to create, build and deploy cloud applications at scale using cloud-native services and technologies

Optimize and Maintain

Identify optimization areas and suggest best practices for monitoring. Security, compliance, and automation capabilities.


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